About Us


We provide repossession, process serving, auditing, field call, skip location enquiries and a variety of legal support services to corporate clients, including financial institutions, insurance companies, law firms, debt collection companies as well as to federal government agencies, state government departments, local government associations and authorities.

On July 3 2017 Advance National Services was acquired by Risk & Security Management Ltd, joining several other market leading brands in the Commercial Agent and Investigation sectors. This acquisition was crucial to Advance continuing our growth path and strengthening our ability to provide exemplary services to our clients through a variety of innovative strategies, increased administration and I.T resources and guidance and support of the RSM leadership team.


Our core ideology ensures that we will continue to be the leaders in compliance. Advance has a dedicated compliance division and advanced management systems ensuring our continual adherence to regulatory requirements.


Advance is leading the way in elevating the status of perceived professionalism of the Field Services industry. Protecting our clients’ brands and reputations is paramount to our success and to the sustainability of our business.

Service Delivery

The majority of our business is generated through word of mouth recommendations. We attribute this to us recruiting and instructing officers and agents who display intelligence, tenacity, and thoroughness. For our clients, these qualities translate to Advance delivering the desired outcome on time, efficiently and effectively.


We have developed  bespoke systems to ensure the professional management of your files. Our systems are fully customisable to each client’s workflow, reporting and project requirements. Our high tech systems are completely unique and developed in house by our I.T Division.

Our Impressive and Growing Network of Field Agents

Our extensive network of in-house and contractor field representatives perform our full range of services Australia-wide.

Importantly, as Advance has an enviable brand and reputation, we are able to seamlessly increase the size and scale of our network in response to business peaks, client demands, and the growth of our business.

Meet Our Team

Travis Carter
Chief Operating Officer
Travis is a highly respected executive who has two decades of experience in the industry. Travis is dedicated to the advancement of his profession and industry and is actively involved in his sector’s leading industry associations. Travis has significant experience in operational management and has built a strong rapport with clients and agents throughout Australia.
Nick Wright
Nick has over 20 years’ experience in the process serving and investigations sector. He is the Queensland President of the IMA and Chair of the IMA’s Process Serving Committee. Nick was instrumental in drafting the IMA Process Serving Best Practice Guide and the drafting of the Debt Collectors (Field Agents and Collection Agents) Act 2014.
Campbell Johnston
National Manager, Audits & Asset Inspections
Campbell has managed our Audits & Asset Inspections division since 2007, overseeing an exceptional growth period for the division. He is vastly experienced in the sector which gives him an in-depth understanding of risk mitigation through repeatable process-driven outcomes.
Wayne Atkins
National Manager, Strategy & Administration
As National Strategy & Administration Manager, Wayne played a key role in transforming the company from a small business into a mature, structured organisation that is supported by the best practice systems, procedures, quality control and compliance mechanisms. Wayne has been involved in the industry for over two decades.
Jess Wade
National Manager, Repossessions
Jess has been involved in the industry for nearly a decade and has has tripled the size of the Repossessions division through exceptional performance and dedication to delivering positive results. Jess' success is underpinned by exceptional knowledge in the sector, expert people management skills, astute thinking and a focused approach.